Humber Bridge - Dehumidification Executive summary Drawing on Spencer’s expertise in main cable dehumidification on suspension bridges, Spencer performed the main cable inspection and the subsequent dehumidification of suspension bridge main cables for the Humber Bridge Board on the Humber Bridge Facts and figures Key disciplines 2,200m long Humber Bridge Working at a height of 155m Solution implemented without the need to stop traffic flow. Dehumidification Gantry installation Invasive inspections The world’s largest project of its kind: Following a successful contract to inspect the Humber Bridge’s main cables, Spencer was awarded the contract to design, supply, test, install and commission the main cable dehumidification system on the 2,200m long Humber Bridge (the fifth longest of its type in the world). The system was designed as a means of intervention to halt the ongoing natural corrosion of the main cables. A key part of the project involved wrapping the cables with a proprietary material to create an air-tight environment, which involved significant work at a high level above the bridge deck in a salt water environment and occasionally adverse weather conditions. The project involved installation of new hand wires and the installation and commissioning of all plant and equipment. The finished system injects dry air into the cable at a number of locations to prolong the life of the bridge. Delivering bridge-saving technology overseas: Spencer has become the world leader in dehumidification projects, having undertaken all these works on suspension bridges within the United Kingdom. We have also undertaken main cable inspection and dehumidification projects internationally, the most recent of which being the main cable dehumidification of the Alvsborg Bridge near Gothenburg, Sweden.